• We deal in insight

    By delving into the mindset of customers and consumers

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  • We help brands & service owners

    make profitable decisions

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  • We have been doing this for 30 years...

    we know what makes people tick

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  • Welcome to Bespoke Qualitative Research. We deal in insight. By delving into the mindset of customers and consumers, we help brands and service owners make profitable decisions. We’ve more than thirty years’ experience of explaining and interpreting human behavior and attitudes.

    Want to know more about what we do and how we can help you? Then please read on…

    About me

    Peter Lovett
    Peter Lovett
    Bespoke Qualitative Research

    Hi, I’m Peter Lovett, founder of Bespoke Qualitative Research.

    I went into this business straight from university because of curiosity – I wanted to know what makes people tick. That was more than three decades ago, and I’ve never lost my drive. It’s because people are endlessly fascinating that this job is such an exciting challenge. Why does someone select one brand over another? How much does passion override rationality in the making of that choice? To answer these and other questions, among other places I’ve spent a blisteringly hot summer in Lagos, taken a road trip across the States, interviewed whole villages under a banyan tree in Uttar Pradesh and crisscrossed the UK from Aberdeen to Yeovil.

    I trained with the best in business – with those pioneers of qualitative research, Bill Schlackman and Mary Goodyear. I then founded Consumer Profile Group, a full service agency, which I ran for over 20 years.

    Now I’ve taken on a new challenge. Bespoke Qualitative Research is a consultancy focusing on the personal touch, all the way from planning through to execution and the final delivery of projects.

    I’ve worked for some great brands. To find out who these are, scroll down.


    • afw

    I’ve provided businesses with insight on a range of projects, including -

    • How High Net Worth Individuals view and select financial service providers;
    • How the luxury sector can create a coherent pricing strategy;
    • How providers of News and Current Affairs can stay relevant in a global, 24/7 cycle;
    • How consumers decipher the confusing array of categories in premium spirits.

    We use a range of bespoke qualitative approaches, including ‘supergroups’ (ask us and we’ll tell you all about them), shopper insight, in person and online focus groups and depth interviews.

    What we do

    We take a customized approach using our extensive knowledge of the options open to the qualitative researcher. These include –

    Face to face

    • Ethnography and Observations
    • Observe and Intercept Interviews
    • Accompanied Activities
    • Focus groups and Group discussions
    • Individual and Paired depth interviews
    • Consumer and Customer immersion sessions

    Telephone Depth Interview


    • Bulletin Boards
    • Extended Online Communities
    • Mobile, ‘in the moment’insights
    • Mobile Ethnography
    • Online Focus Groups and  Chat Rooms

    Other services include -

    Organising multi- disciplinary teams.

    We have partnerships with specialists in neuroscience, facial recognition semiotics, product design, advertising and direct marketing, CRM, marketing, quantitative methods.

    Video editing


    from highlight of interviews and groups to full fledged video reports.


    - help to embed the insights in your organisation

    Online streaming of groups and interviews

    - so your internal team can experience the full impact of the research.



    Our niches - Luxury   Packaging   Mature


    We specialise in the finer things in life

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    From high-end fashion to property, A/V to diamonds, collectibles to travel, we’ve worked on some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Through a combination of empathy and sharp analysis, we’ve helped our clients navigate emotional minefields.

    Pack Innovation
    Pack preview
    Pack preview

    In partnership with the Pack Hub, a specialist packaging consultancy, we’ve developed a range of bespoke qualitative insight methods. They’re engineered to give packaging the edge it needs in a crowded market place. Click on the logos to find out more.

    Mature Market

    The Cinderella of the marketing world

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    With 80% of private wealth and £175 billion of disposable assets in the hands of the over-50’s, this group should be at the centre of any marketing and design strategy. We’ve worked on many innovative projects from finance to product development and explored the needs of this burgeoning market. Yet, in our youth-obsessed culture, it’s still the Cinderella of the marketing world. Talk to us about how we can help you refocus your efforts and read our white paper, Grey Matters. This includes desk research, qualitative insight and a quantitative attitudinal segmentation of the UK’s over-50’s consumer.

    Recognition & endorsements

    • Committee member, Association for Qualitative Research (AQR), 2003-2012.
    • Immediate Past Chairman of the AQR, 2010-2012.
    • Speaker at the Market Research Society and the Qualitative Researchers Consultants Association (QRCA) conferences.
    • Chaired international conferences on market research, AQR/QRCA.
    • Secretary and Board Director, QRCA.
    • Middle East Research Forum member.
    • From 1986 – 2012, Chairman of Consumer Profile Group, a full service research company.
    • Founded Bespoke Qualitative Research in November 2012. I have already conducted projects in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

    Published articles


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    Skype peterlovett

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