What we do

We take a customized approach using our extensive knowledge of the options open to the qualitative researcher. These include –

Face to face

  • Ethnography and Observations
  • Observe and Intercept Interviews
  • Accompanied Activities
  • Focus groups and Group discussions
  • Individual and Paired depth interviews
  • Consumer and Customer immersion sessions

Telephone Depth Interview


  • Bulletin Boards
  • Extended Online Communities
  • Mobile, ‘in the moment’insights
  • Mobile Ethnography
  • Online Focus Groups and  Chat Rooms

Other services include -

Organising multi- disciplinary teams.

We have partnerships with specialists in neuroscience, facial recognition semiotics, product design, advertising and direct marketing, CRM, marketing, quantitative methods.

Video editing


from highlight of interviews and groups to full fledged video reports.


- help to embed the insights in your organisation

Online streaming of groups and interviews

- so your internal team can experience the full impact of the research.